Oliver Uberti


Photo:  Sophia Kruz

Oliver Uberti is a former senior design editor for National Geographic and the co-author of two critically-acclaimed books of maps and graphics: Where the Animals Go and London: The Information Capital, each of which won the top British Cartographic Society Award for cartographic excellence. 

For their work on these atlases, Oliver and geographer James Cheshire were awarded the Corlis Benefideo Award for Imaginative Cartography by the North American Cartographic Information Society. Oliver’s latest collaboration, Notes from a Public Typewriter, was named a 2019 Michigan Notable Book and is now available in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

When not writing books, Oliver helps scientists convey their research in memorable images. He takes on clients whose causes he believes in. He gets to know clients closely and comes to view their visions as if they were his own. Then he asks his favorite question: “What if we?”



Royal Geographical Society
Ford Motor Company
Wordstock Book Festival
How To: Academy
Americans for the Arts
National Storytelling Network
Linda Hall Library
Guild of Natural Science Illustrators
Savannah College of Art & Design